Late filing of Income tax return

If any one  missed  file Tax return on 31st july then don’t worry about it,this blog helps them and  relief after reading this.Hope you will like this my blog .Unlike life, the tax department is willing to give you a second chance. Even if you forget or are unable to file your return of income for a […]

Fixed v/s Floating rate of Interest on Home Loan

Getting a home loan is very easy now a days, however choosing the best option is always a complex aspect. One should do a proper homework before rushing in to something. While applying for a home loan, the first thing which will bother the applicants is whether to go for Fixed Interest rate or Floating Interest rates?[…]

How to File Service Tax Return – A brief Discussion

Before reading this Blog, First Question comes in mind- Who is required to file Service tax return?“Every Assessee who is registered under Service tax and has allotted a SERVICE TAX REGISTRATION NUMBER is required to file a Service tax Return on Half yearly Basis”. The main thing is that whether Assessee provided taxable services or not during[…]