Refund Policy

StartCompanyIndia.Com (Prorider Consulting Private Limited)is committed to a high level of client service. This includes clearly communicating the costs associated with the service and the process we use to facilitate payment of fees. Below, please find our process for refund of money for incomplete services.

All the fees is made to StartCompanyIndia.Com (Prorider Consulting Private Limited), is treated as Advance fees. Invoice will issued immediately once the payment is done.

Conditions for making request of refund/Cancellation subject to terms & Conditions:

  1. When you pay for the services but later on decide that you do not wish to avail them.
  2. When there is a delay in the services offered from our side, beyond the time frame we have intimated to you, due to human error i.e., factors for which we are solely responsible.
  3. Although we highly doubt it, you might find our services unsatisfactory.

When you pay for the services but later on decide that you do not wish to avail them.

For cancellation in this under condition, user has to make cancellation request within 24 hours. No question will be asked by us but the Cancellation/convenience fees of Rs.2000 will be charged.

But if user/client make cancellation request after 24 hours, refund will be issued by after deduction of following Charges subject to provision of below mentioned services:

  1. 3,000 (Two DSC, Extra Rs.1500 per Director) Digital Signature Charges (DSC)
  2. 3,000 (Two DIN ,Extra Rs.1500 per Director) Director Identification Number Charges(DIN)
  3. 3000 for Name Approval Charges
  4. 2000 for Cancellation Charges

No refund in the case, we name is approved and we file the documents for the Registration.

When there is a delay in the services offered from our side, beyond the time frame we have intimated to you, due to human error i.e., factors for which we are solely responsible.

We provide Company Registration, LLP, OPC Registration Services within 15-20 working Days. (Working Days doesn’t include national holidays, department holidays, delay by department due to their system failure or strike, delays on the part of the Government of India, the respective State Governments, Our affiliates or elsewhere, acts of war, acts of God, earthquake, riot, sabotage, labour shortage or dispute, internet interruption, power disruption, lack of phone network connectivity, technical failures, breakage of sea cable, hacking, piracy, we shall not liable for any delays)

Days shall be count, when we received all the correct Documents, if some documents is pending/incorrect, then this delay is not counted. In case name is rejected by ROC then time time taken by Client is not counted in the days. These delays to be treated on behalf of client we are not responsible for the same

Services unsatisfactory

This can be very less chance that you found our services unsatisfactory. But in case you found unsatisfactory then you have to send us email on You have to send complete email regarding the complete justification for your un satisfaction. This email would be read by senior officials of, once they are satisfied then refund would be initiate. But in no case refund cannot be of Government fees and other charges (i.e DSC etc) paid by us on your behalf and cancellation fees of Rs. 2000 levied in every case.

No refund is been processed if the service is been provided from StartCompanyIndia.Com (Prorider Consulting Private Limited) and there is a rejection comes from the Registrar of companies side in these following cases:

  1. Name not Approved given by Client
  2. Documents is not correct

In all three situations, kindly send in an e-mail by writing your name, and give the reason for refund application to We would like to clarify that only refunds of the professional fees component of the charges paid by you shall be considered for a refund subject to the stage where cancellation request is done by user. Fees which are spend towards the government fees is not refunded in any circumstances.

Upon receiving your mail, the Senior Management at StartCompanyindia.Com shall decide on whether your request for a refund should be processed, contingent on the reasons for such a request. Please note that we reserve the right to take the final and binding decision with regard to requests for refund.

If we confirm your request for refund, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein or elsewhere, we will send you an e-mail seeking the details required to refund the amount which may include your Bank Account details such as the account number and the IFS code of the branch in question. Kindly note that it will take us a minimum of about 48-72 working hours from the receipt of all such information to process the refund and initate the transfer. Transfer time can take 7-10 Banking working Days.

We reiterate once again that only the professional fees paid for our services shall be refunded, subject to the discretion of the Senior Management at StartCompanyindia.Com.

We assure you that we are continuously working to improve our services and are we are welcome to any suggestions from your end. For any other queries please contact out customer service desk at
We appreciate your interest and support and we welcome you to our community!

Ultimately, at StartCompanyIndia.Com (Prorider Consulting Private Limited) we would like to avoid the need of ever having to consider a refund. However, we are always aiming to be as transparent in our representation as possible. So we encourage our clients to ask their questions or communicate their concerns to our office immediately. We will then try to answer or address immediately. Such a process also permits our Company to continue to grow and improve its services.